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Premier Canopies Variable : premiersizes

12-x-20-7-legs 12-x-20-10-legs 12-x-30-10-legs 18-x-20-7-legs 18-x-30-7-legs
18-x-30-10-legs 18-x-40-7-legs 18-x-40-10-legs

Premier Canopies Variable

Our best canopies. 
Built with our heaviest materials. 1¾” HD Pipe with Gatorshield® and Premier White Vinyl fully enclosed roof.
Extra height option for Motor Homes, Trailers and Boats.
  • Galvanized Steel Poles 1 3/4″ HD with  Gatorshield®
  • One piece Premier Vinyl Rooftop which covers both top and sides
  • 1 End Panel
  • 7′ sides (For all sizes except 12 x 30) or  10′ sides (For all sizes except 18 x 20)
  • Reinforced 3-way and 4-way Fittings, Ball Bungees
  • Lower Cross Brace Poles for extra stability.
  • 5′ Spacing on Roof Trusses
  • Snow Kits included

*We cannot guarantee our storage canopies against snow or wind. Please take the time to thoroughly secure your canopy to the ground and remove any snow.